Today I bring a nice resource I came across in a Medium article from Eren Golge. He is aware of the enormous difficulties of structuring the development of a deep learning project, so he decided to prepare a detailed diagram to be followed when structuring a deep learning project. He built the diagram with all the knowledge he collected by taking Andrew Ng’s new Deep Learning courses from the initiative.

It is rare to see resources teaching practical concerns for structuring a deep learning projects; from top to bottom, from problem to solution. People know fancy technicalities but even some experienced people feel lost in the details, once they need to structure their own project.

How to structure a Deep Learning Project

As we may see in the figure, the diagram is really detailed and self-explanatory, so I won’t invest much time explaining it. If you have problems undersading any of the stages, you reach me through my email or social networks or you can even contact the author of the diagram, Eren Golge (I haven’t talked to him but I bet he will be really happy to know people are benefiting from his diagram).